Lots of violin.


It was a very musical weekend. Vince had his violin recital this Sunday – Kelly, his music teacher found this beautiful space in the Strathmore Mansion which was very reasonably priced and looked fantastic. Jeremy’s dad, Bob, came down to visit for less than 24 hours to see Vince play. Vince is not an enthusiastic violin student. Every three minutes he asks when he’s allowed to quit violin. It’s tiring for all of us. He was playing so raggedly the last lesson before the recital that Kelly decided that he needed to come to her house every day after school to play. So everyday after school, he walked over to Kelly’s house (which in and of itself was a feat because he has to cross a major street with a traffic light) and played for 30 or 45 minutes. And you could totally tell the extra work paid off at the recital.


We were all so pleased, none more than Vince himself who allowed himself for a moment to feel proud of his accomplishment. Even mentioning that he might be willing to join a local youth orchestra in the fall. We’ll see.

It just happened that some of Bob’s collegues were playing at the Hungarian Embassy on Monday night so I invited Kelly out to dinner to thank her for all her extra help for Vince and to see these amazing musicians play.



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