Edda (who has been happy and laughing for months and months now) seems to me to be sliding, just ever so slightly into grumpiness. She’s sitting on the toilet now because she seems happier while sitting on the poopster without the need to actually poop; she somehow just like the little bathroom. Oh! I just hear her laughing, it makes me happy that she’s laughing. I’m a little petrified that she’s going to be as pissed as she was last summer at camp. Of course, I’m anticipating feeling so bad for her, but I’m also anticipating how badly I’ll feel for the poor one-on-one counselor who was not really thinking that they would have to be with an inconsolable Edda like for 8 hours a day when they signed up. Jeremy isn’t here, otherwise, he’d tell me that I have no idea what’s going to happen this summer, so why not start by thinking that it going to be a fantastic summer! It’s just not who I am.

I got a few texts from Jeremy and Vince from the trail. They walked 10 miles today. They are pretty exhausted and Vince slightly twisted his ankle and Jeremy’s dad fell and scraped his knee. But they made it to the campsite and are getting ready to settle down for the night. I thought I would have been more emotional about it – mainly that Edda and I should both be out there hiking with the rest of them, but I think I’m so busy this week and Edda is so grumpy this week, I’m actually happy that we aren’t out there hiking. I know I will feel differently at a different time, but right now, I’m baking bread and feeling good about it all.

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