Edda’s summer –


Edda’s having a good summer. The first session of camp went well – she has a great 1-on-1 (who(m?) she has twice bitten (yipes! I warned her)) and they seem to make a great pair. She hasn’t fallen into funk or anything – oftentimes she seems very, very happy. But she also seems a little restless and bored. It’s no secret that Edda watches a lot of TV, but now, even when the TV is on, she will walk around the house looking for you. Maybe asking to try a little of whatever you are making for a snack, or maybe just to lean up against you for a little hug. Sometimes she seems happy with a snack, sometimes she just seems to be saying “I’m bored!!” She seems happiest watching TV while sitting on the toilet. Sometimes I’ll leave her on the toilet for 30 minutes listening to her laugh her head off and then at minute 28, I’ll hear the soft tinkle of peeing. I’m not sure she needed the 28 minutes of prep time on the toilet. I have no idea what’s going on. Today we decided to alleviate some of our own boredom by going to the farmer’s market.


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