Lots of good news!

My friends seem to be in good place now – having babies, thinking about new jobs, traveling here and there, squeezing the marrow out of summer.   I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life – HDT . I listen to all this good news with such happiness – for there are certainly times when it seems like all my friends are just having a tough time of it all. I can tell I’ve been good in a good mood because it was with great happiness that we finally got Edda’s new wheelchair. It can be a bit of a conversation stopper; my friends telling me all their wonderful news and I come back just as enthusiastically – Hey! Edda’s new wheelchair came today! and then for a moment I realize that that may not sound like such an exciting thing, but because I’m happy, Edda’s new wheelchair gives me something to smile about.

It’s all tricked out, has pneumatic knobby wheels, with front wheels that lock into place, so I’m hoping that Edda and I will go running soon together.  That’ll be fun. 


One thought on “Lots of good news!”

  1. Doris as Johnny Cash says, "I've been everywhere man". We just did a family vaca to Seattle, Portland, Reed college, 2 National Forest, Victoria Canada…..thie list just keeps going. I never take my computer and my am too dumb to care about learning how to look at my smart phone for anything other than cals and text. So just caught up with your blog. Your mom really does look happy. A fisherwoman is a gal after my own heart. I love to fish but am terrible at it. It's so peaceful. And, the new wheelchair is coooooooool. I totally get your excitement. Now about those shoes. Hmmmm.

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