Old Acquaintance of Ours

Rena and I were extremely happy to meet our old acquaintance at Washougal, WA.  They are Mr. & Mrs. Hung.  The husband was our college classmate and the wife was Rena’s dormitory room mate.   At that time, due to various constraints, 8 students shared just one room.  Both our kids and son-in-law also know them well.

They flew to Portland on Saturday(8/17/2013) and stay with us until this morning (8/19/2013).  After that, they will continue their journey into the Pacific Northwest for about a week before returning home.

Yesterday, we took them to visit Washougal downtown, post office, library, hardware store, McDonald’s and Dollar Store.  After that, we drove them to see Cape Horn scenic spot, Bonneville Dam, Mt. Hood, Multnomah falls (OR) and rose garden in Portland.  We all had fun and tiring too.

Hope they as well as our friends somewhere else can visit us more often.  And every time, while we are in San Francisco, we stay in their place.  Very nice couple indeed.

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