Our 15th anniversary.

Of all the decisions I have ever made, the most fortunate one was to decide to hitch myself to Jeremy 15 years ago. Of course, I think one can never really know when you get married how the marriage will work out – you look for the basics – kindness, a willingness to work hard, a willingness to forgive and a sort of balance a yin to your yang – but you never really know how it’s all going to turn out because when you get married, you kind of don’t really know what you are signing yourself up for. I don’t really think that we thought we’d never have a vacation away from the kids for 11+ years, but that’s what happened and so it was at the airport where I was giddy with excitement of our little CA adventure.



I didn’t take many photos – I’m just trying my hardest to remember all the moments in my own head because I don’t know when we’ll be able to have a vacation like this again.

One thought on “Our 15th anniversary.”

  1. HAPPPY ANNIVERSARY! You guys are my idols and I've married longer than you by almost a decade, not quite. I love how kind and respectful you are to each other and how you seem to know what the other is thinking. And, I love what great parents you are together. Everyone should get the chance to experience love like that.

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