Such a great summer…

Tomorrow is the first day of school – first day of middle school for Vince, but neither child is going to make it to school tomorrow. They both are running fevers and spent the whole day asleep under covers and moaning at the closest adult around. I’m thankful that Vince has learned to swallow pills and Edda can manage the chewable pills so now there is no sticky children liquid medicine in the house. It’s been such a wonderful summer that maybe the kids are protesting that it shouldn’t really end, that school shouldn’t really start. I’m not that worried about Edda’s schedule, she has the same teacher and the same paraeducators – but Vince! He missed orientation last week when he was in NY with Jeremy’s parents (and the kids all got their schedules then) and now he’s going to miss the first day of class – he’s going to be totally clueless when he shows up on the 2nd or 3rd day of class. I hope he’s not too lost when he shows up.

It has been a beautiful weekend, we got to spend part of it in the Catoctin Mountains with our pal, Carla.  Edda hiked about 0.4 miles with us on her own two feet, but then she got tired and we put her in her stroller and went on a wheelchair accessible trail – you can see it in the 2nd photo below.  They made a path with rubberized wood chips in a brown color so you can’t really tell that it’s made with space age polymer technology.

We were originally not going to take any dogs on this trip as they can be trouble, but Ruby somehow sensed we were going someplace fun and hopped into the minivan and pretty much refused to get out.  And she was right, it was a lot of fun – streams and mud galore.



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