Many cookies.

Vince had a sore throat Friday morning and looked glum when he came to my room at 6:35 am. I gave him a once over and then gave him a Motrin and then promptly sent him to school. And I said that if he felt badly, to go to the nurse and that we’d be able to pick him up. Although who exactly would pick him up would be an issue – I was going to be 15 miles away around the Beltway during the morning and then Nat was going to Baltimore to pick up someone from the airport. Anyways I told him the schedule – that it might take us a while, but we’d be there to pick him up if everything didn’t get better during the day. Sending him to school probably was a mistake – by the time he came home at 3, he was running a fever and took to his bed. I had been home working all afternoon and I asked why he didn’t call – he said he didn’t feel bad until 6th period and that he asked his teacher if he could go to the nurse and the teacher said that there was only an hour left of school – so just tough it out. Poor kid.

Jeremy spent his birthday weekend making a bunch of cookies – oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip (with and without walnuts), snickerdoodles and finally lemon sugar cookies.  We hosted a coffee hour for our local mayor/council candidates for our fair city.  We invited everyone we knew to come over – we got a few people to come out – we actually met some neighbors right near us we’d never known before and I’m happy I had the chance to meet all the candidates.  There were too many cookies.  But they were all delicious, I think I had cookies for all three meals on Saturday.  Meeting neighbors meant that we could learn the history of our house – our house is a new house built in an older neighborhood – it was built after the original house was torn down.  Apparently the gossip around the neighborhood was that the house that used to be on our lot was the house you could count on to get your drug fix – apparently they had a whole colored outdoor light scheme which would tell the customers when they were selling or maybe when they were out of stock.  All this is pretty incredible because the chief of police lives like 5 houses down on the next block!

I ran 15 miles this weekend.  Five on Saturday and ten today.  I’m beat.  Going to bed right now.  This morning, before I ran the 10 miles, I woke up at 5 am to volunteer at the start line for a half marathon which started right at the metro station near our house.  The winner of the women’s race came in at 5:50 pace.  Just a smidge slower than half my pace.  Crazy.



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