Corn maze!


Jeremy got back from Chicago last night.  He mentioned just before he left that he was planning on taking Friday off when he got back.  As the kids were out of school as well (teacher professional day?), I decided to take some time off as well and take us all of us out back to my favorite corn maze in Fredrick, MD.  I’ve been there before with Vince and Edda a few years ago, but this time, I managed to drag Jeremy, Nat, and five of Vince’s closest friends – so that’s two carloads of kids.  It was a little bit more like a field trip than I had originally anticipated.  I think it was more than Jeremy bargained for when he agreed to chaperone.


I don’t think I’ll be able to indulge myself in these childish things for very much longer using my own children as an excuse.  I can tell that Vince loved being with his friends, but did he really want to be at the corn maze?  Perhaps not.  Oh, everyone had fun, but I can tell that perhaps this was my last year going with my kids.  I’ll just have to do it on my own from now on.  Or else borrow someone else’s toddler.

There was one panic-y moment during the trip.  I don’t know if you can tell, but the photo of Edda with Nat above is taken in kind of a silo filled with corn kernels that the kids just tumble around in it.  Sam realized at some point that his cell phone had fallen out of his pocket into the huge pile of corn.  I looked at it all – so much corn, so full of screaming children – and decided at that point that we were never going to be able to find the phone.  But I decided to call Sam’s phone and I got lucky – the phone started vibrating right under my foot.  This was a trip dominated by small children with cell phones.  All of them had cell phones (except Vince, poor deprived child) and they all wanted to split up in the corn maze saying they could text each other.  I was a little confused because what more can you say inside a corn maze besides, yes, I’m right next to some corn?

Finally, it’s mid-term time.  I’m spending the weekend with psychiatric disorders, blood coagulation disorders, carcinomas, immune response, and the thyroid. 


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