My turn as waitstaff.


My friend Lauren owns a catering company and had a huge wedding on Saturday.  I really wanted to work for her – I’ve never done food service before and I think it’s an important for a person to experience.  Lauren makes such delicious food and she everything is served so beautifully.  I worked a long day – almost 10 hours – mainly setting up the tables, then serving food and then busing all the dirty plates.  It’s hard work!





3 thoughts on “My turn as waitstaff.”

  1. Girl waiting tables was one of the hardest jobs I have ever done. I was the worst waitress too. Once a baked potato literally rolled off the plate and stopped ever so gingerly in front of this guys date. I didn't know what to do. If you ordered fish you probably got chicken. I feel sorry for all those poor restaurant patrons in my past sections. When I get a good person I tip well.

    J and Sc just got back from MIT, Noreaster, BC and RPI. He LOVED your school.

  2. I love my school too! It would be too cool to see Josh there. Maybe he could get my old dorm room. Wait. My old dorm room doesn't exist anymore. xoxo

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