Bert is one!

Bert cake

Vickey’s son Bert turned one last week.  He’s such a cutie – there is such pleasure in seeing children of my friends – who knew we could all become such competent parents? 


Vickey asked me to take photos at the party which I was happy to do, I always like hiding a little bit behind a camera especially at a party where I don’t know very many people.  Vickey has a nicer camera than mine and she has wider lenses, so I used hers.  My camera is perfectly serviceable but it is more than 5 years old and I’m reluctant to replace it because it’s still working fine and I’m loathe to spend the money – her camera has a million more buttons and settings and so many more focus points, I can get a little overwhelmed.  I think I should have dropped the ISO down to 400 and fully opened the aperture.  You lose a little more control in having the photo in focus, but in return you get less noisy photos and better bokah.



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