Vince made his own biscuits today.  He has some leftover chicken pot pie from my mom’s birthday party – he had eaten all the biscuits that were on top when the dish came to the table, but there was a good deal of the pot pie innards left and he wanted to have biscuits with them.  So a little measuring, a little kneading and voila! yummy biscuits.  The following photo may or may not have been a reenactment.  I try to discourage reenactments in my photos, but sometimes my preferences are not adhered to.


The final product:



I’m excited about Thanksgiving – we  are hosting this year – so far the count is 35 people.  We’ve rented extra tables, chairs and plates.  Two turkeys are going to be delivered by our milkman on Tuesday.  We will even have an extra visiting dog (we thought we’d have 2 extra dogs, but alas, one of the dogs is not allowed on Amtrak). And I get to hang out with my little brother for a few days!  So excited to talk to him about his latest dating adventures.  I’m so happy that I got married before the internet was invented (not exactly true, but almost true) – it all seems so much more complicated now; he tells me about all the latest dating apps where you can trade and rate prospective dates among your Facebook pals and you have 24 hours to decide whether or not you want to go out on a date.

In our last conversation, we discussed how young of a woman he could date without being it being totally gross.  Of course, there is the standard equation – “half your age + 7” – which would be 25.5 for Donald.  I guess lately he’s been set up with 23 year-olds which Donald reports is really, really weird (I think for both parties).

He’s also suppose to install this new-fangled thermostat in the house which you can control via the web and will learn over time your heating/cooling preferences – it’s suppose to save us $.  I’m not sure I believe it, but it looks really slick.  He gave it to me for my birthday – so that was months ago – it’s still sitting shrink-wrapped on my desk awaiting deployment.

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  1. MMMMMMMM, I love homemade biscuits. My grandma made those and we'd dip in bakstrap molasses on a cold East Texas morning. SO GOOD! Happy turkey day to ya'll. Did you get a NEXT Thermo. I really want one but Scott is convinced our stone wall on the other side of where it be placed will hinder it with the airport. But maybe he just doesn't want to put it in as he lots of "honeydo" chores right now. What happens if you lose internet service? Donald answer these for me if you can.

    We're having a "Friendsgiving" with about 12 folks. I might freak out if it were 35!

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