Things to look for in a husband.


Jeremy’s cousin-in-law Christine has three pieces of advice for all the single ladies looking for a husband.  Rule #1 is that he be driven (although I think driven is too strong of a word, I think maybe responsible or willing to step-up is better) meaning that he doesn’t just sit on the couch eating potato chips while you are working really hard trying to keep it all together.  Rule #2 is that he treat you like a queen <- this is a good rule.  The third rule is a little off-color so not really appropriate for a family-friendly blog, but if you ask me in person, I might tell it to you.  I think Christine is pretty much spot-on, but I really like my own 4th rule: make sure your husband is really good at IT – because a household really only runs as well as it’s access to the internet.

This weekend Jeremy spent the weekend maintaining and upgrading our computer systems.  He enjoys it so much that not only does he do all the stuffs here at home, but he’s also pretty much taken over the IT department at his work.  The photo above shows that he’s working on taking care of 4-5 computers, 2 of which don’t even belong to us because our neighbors have figured out that he’s willing to spend a Saturday futzing around with Windows 8.

A lot of computer maintenance is waiting around for things to load or restart, so even though a lot of it took all day, not much of it was active time.  Both of us are swamped at work, Jeremy just has a lot of projects going on and is spending weekends working (which is very rare for him, he’s not one to work more than 40 hours) and I’m behind at work because nursing school is taking waaayyy more time than I thought it would, so we both worked a lot of the day on Saturday.

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  1. OMG I just sent this blog post to all my friends that are single. Now what will I do when Josh goes off college!!!!

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