Happy Birthday to Me :)

Today, Rena and I celebrate my birthday alone at home.  Around 5:00 AM in the morning (a record?), Rena prepared me a full breakfast, after that, hand-made this beautiful and delicious orange cake.  She also hand-knitted that hat and sweater for me.  Very warm indeed.  
Noon time, Rena is going to prepare for me a tradition long-life noodle with soup as well as a chicken drumstick. However, for health reasons, I opted out one egg in the soup because I had two already in the morning.  For dinner tonight, since I like junk food and chips (potato), so we are going to “Burger King” (if open, otherwise McDonald’s) with coupons (not for McDonald’s) and enjoy our birthday dinner celebration there.
Btw, yesterday, After Rena’s Mahjon game,  we ate out with all those old ladies.  The restaurant was packed and I had no idea that they were so many people there during X’mas eve.  But, the food was good and those ladies almost cleared all the plates.  Evidently, we did enjoy ourselves.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me :)”

  1. Oh, Rena bought the flowers too. It looks very nice.

    She also cooked the long-life noodles too.

    Look forward to having my birthday dinner at "Burger King".

  2. We went to Burger King for dinner. Too bad, it didn't open for Christmas Day. Therefore, we went to McDonald's and requested it to honor her competitors' coupon. McDonald's did.

    You have two quarter pounder meals with small drink and fries as well as two side salads and one senior coffee. It was just over $10.00. Not bad at all.

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