Her 6-Star & 4 Times Cleaner

Since I am at home and there is no job prospect for me in a short while, I volunteer to cook dinner for every other week.  And washing dishes is included.  In that week, almost every morning, I wake and find a lot of plates piled-up in front of my kitchen table seat which is on the opposite side of hers.  At first, I don’t know what is really going on.  After closely examining those plates, of course, they all fail the inspection by my boss.  I have to say some of them aren’t too clean in her eyes apparently.  As a pay back, this morning around 5:00 AM, I did the same trick as she did to me.  Except, there is a slight deviation.  See 🙂

Also, since I start to wash the dishes by hands every other week, Rena keeps reminding me that the detergent lasts pretty fast, at least 4 times faster than it should be.  The other day, we had a family dinner together at a local restaurant.  I asked my son-in-law next to me, what is my reply to her about the consumption of detergent.  Without hesitation, he replied “4 Times Cleaner”.  Guess what, that was exactly my reply to her.  Except I probably have to add several words to it.  It should be “Same Amount of Energy, But 4 Times Cleaner” 🙂

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