Lee family movie night. The night we ditch the Martins.


Donald and I took our parents (that’s them in the matching red hats – not looking at the camera) out to see Gravity.  Don’s a good sport, he’s seen the movie twice already before – but you know, it’s hard to find a movie that I know my parents will really like.  If the plot is too complicated and there are too many similar-looking characters, then they get all confused and just fall asleep. This evening, we introduced my parents to the wonders of the modern world: an unmanned movie ticket kiosk, 3-D glasses, stadium seating, why college kids spend $200 on a pair of jeans and finally, what exactly is Pride Week in San Francisco.

3 thoughts on “Lee family movie night. The night we ditch the Martins.”

  1. Every time when I watched the movie with Mom (At least, for two years, we never watch any movie at a theater.), she always asks me "who is the good guy" and/or "who is the bad guy."

    This time, there is no good or bad guy around there, pretty straight forward.

  2. Rena knitted two. One for me and one for her.

    One morning, I told Rena my head was cold. Rena said you never wear any hat. I said I am pretty senior right now. I really like to have one, if you can help.

    She did and it is warm and I love it.

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