Storage Space in the Garage

Mom asked me to erect racks for her dried-chicken legs.  I did.  One of the rack can be seen in the second picture.  
After that, I started to rearrange stuffs in the garage.  Finally, to make more room, I decided to add some storage space half way up in the air.  Picture 1 shows the middle support columns for the storage space hanged from the existing ceiling beams.   Also shown in the picture, on the right hand side, is the wall supports for one side of the storage space.  And the far (other) side is supported for the existing columns (picture 2).  The storage space is slightly recessed & elevated to make the room for the car antenna and future garage door opener (only one side has the garage door opener).  Some of the horizontal beams, to be installed, are just laying there to save space.
In picture 3, two white air-bubble pads were taped on each side of the horizontal beams, just in case extreme tall guys walk underneath it.  May be Donald can bump his head,  but don’t think so.
Mom would like me to finish our basement master bedroom and bath too.  May be before the storage space for the garage 🙂

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