Video / snow

Jeremy and I are knee-deep in talking about video/lighting/photography equipment.  Jeremy is starting to produce video at work, so he’s gone to Home Depot and IKEA over and over again getting his homemade lighting system to work and then shlepping the whole thing over to K Street on the metro.  Then, at night, I get to go downtown and do mock interviews with him  (he asks me a biofuels question, I answer with what I ate for lunch that day) and tweak the lighting and sound instead of eating at my favorite burger place – Shake Shack (date night! – no burger!).  The playback of the mock interviews revealed to me how much I actually do look and sound like Donald – something that I have denied for my whole life and now I see I am totally wrong and I’m really just Donald in a female and height-challenged form. 

I’m getting ready to upgrade all of my photo equipment – I’m reluctant to spend $ on something I consider to be just a hobby.   So there is a lot of talking and not a lot of purchasing.

DC got a snow day on Friday.  Kids out of school; our whole schedule thrown.  Not as bad as NYC or Boston, but enough to make it a pain.  Our neighbors skied cross country in our backyard.

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