Busy weekend!

Janos came Friday night for a trombone audition this weekend. It’s been nice to hear trombone practice wafting out from the basement guest room. I don’t often get to hear trombone played except from 4th graders in an elementary school band, so it’s a treat.

He tried blowing helium through his trombone. Apparently it does change the pitch just like it does with your voice. Jeremy and I were a little nervous that he was blowing helium through the trombone the night before a big audition, but Janos seemed pleased with the experiment.


Saturday saw Sophie and her daughter who has Rett Syndrome for lunch.

Her daughter, who is 2.5 years old, was in a great, happy mood for a couple of hours and then turned on a dime and went into inconsolable crying for about 45 minutes. I had forgotten, or blocked out, all the inconsolable crying that Edda did at that age, all hours of the day and night for 2-3 hours at a time. I tried to tell Sophie that, for most girls, the crying does end – it does take a couple of years. And I held and rocked her daughter for 20 minutes or so knowing full well that whatever I did, it probably wouldn’t work to soothe her. And 45 min after she started, the terrible mood ended and all was well.


Today, brunch with some of my favorite people. We look pretty good for being tired moms.

Brothers who all have a sister with Rett Syndrome. I don’t think they ever talk to each other about their special needs sisters, but they love talking to each other.

Birthday girl!

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