After Columbus, we headed to Cincinnati.  There we picked up Bob (flew into Dayton) and Gene (flew into Cincinnati).  Half of us stayed in a hotel and half stayed in the beautiful home of a Martin relative.

Resident cat!  This is a very nice cat photo.  I got lucky.

Our first stop was the Cincinnati Music Hall.  Bob ushered there and attended a lot of concerts at the hall.

Then we went to Union Terminal.  Wonderful display of art deco styling.  Gene remembered the place being full of travelers – according to wikipedia, at it’s peak, there were 216 trains coming and going.  Now there is only one train, three times a week, arriving at 2 am.

The inside has been turned into a number of museums.

Oh!  What great fonts.

Then we started hunting for Bob and Gene’s childhood home(s).  This one is on Stirgus Ave – lived in when they were approximately high school age.

Then onto the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center.  Edda learned about the cotton gin.

Mecklenburg’s Garden for dinner.  Nice German food.  Well, at least a lot of German food.  Bob and Gene remember this place fondly.

Onto find the high school.  Walnut Hills High School.  The fanciest public high school any of us has ever seen.  Brand new facilities, marble statues in the front lobby.  Today, you have to test into Walnut Hills HS.  I think it might be ranked higher than Wootton nationally.

Finally, Graeter’s for ice cream!

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