Happy birthday Donald!

It’s Donald’s birthday today.  He’s turning 38.  We are so old.   I always like to think about the mothers on a person’s birthday because it was a big day for them too.  So mom!  Happy birthday of Donald to you too.  Did I go to the hospital with your mom and dad to wait for the arrival of Donald?  I vaguely remember that – but I could be making it all up…  Thanks for giving me the best brother ever, even though he’s a bit stubborn.

2 thoughts on “Happy birthday Donald!”

  1. He's not stubborn he's just a strong willed Aries. Aries rule!!

    Ona different note do any of you know an actual person that attends RPI in Troy, New York? Josh has accepted their offer to go there and we'd like an "insider" view of transport, dorm room needs, shipping a bike, etc.

  2. Congrats! RPI is a great, great school. We have a good pal (maybe the smartest person we know) who went there, but I don't think he's the best to talk to for various reasons (the most important being that he's our age and too old to be of much help). I'll try and find someone.

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