My Daily Menu & Routines

In the morning, I have a bowl of cereal, two pieces of toasted bread with 7 grains.  On top of that, I put some Philadelphia cheese or peanut butter on it.  

For lunch, I usually have a breakfast special from McDonald’s, Hardee’s,  Krystal or Bojangles’ (a local brand), 2 for $3.00 or $3.33.

For Dinner, I usually scavenge with what I have with Mom’s stuffs.  Believe me or not, there are a lot in my freeze.  With that, I added a lot of veggies and other fresh ingredients.  
On Friday, Saturday & Sunday, I will do my laundry, clean the apartment and relax.  Sometimes, I just drive around and enjoy the scenery.  I am trying to learn Spanish.  But, haven’t found a best way to do this yet. Would like to find out that this old dog can learn something new 🙂

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