Violin / cello duet.

Oh! Vince and Kappa played the Toy Symphony together today.  It was so beautiful.  Kelly did a great job putting together students into chamber groups.  Lots of moms accompanied their children.  Lots of siblings played together.  It made the recital really sweet and the music more interesting.  Vince worked hard on his piece and the pair did sound really wonderful together.  It makes me almost a bit weepy.

Edda came to the 6:30 – 8:30 pm recital.  Sometimes we get lucky and she falls asleep, but not tonight.  She decided that she did not want to be there about 5 minutes before Vince and Kappa went on to perform.  Jeremy ran out with Edda when the piece began and then I ran out after the first movement to insist that Jeremy go inside to listen to the 2nd which then resulted in Jeremy shocked that I was causing more of a commotion by running in and out of the room.  Sigh.  One does what one can.

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  1. Hugs. Oh I know how that is (re: the commotion) Vince and Kappa together look beautiful. I am sure they sounded beautiful together as well. <3

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