Casual Meals with Edda, Vincent & Doris

Rena thinks I have been cooking meals for so long.  So, she decided to invite Jeremy’s folks to have meals together over the weekend.  Too bad, we don’t know that Jeremy is out of town.

Eventually, we had a curry-chicken yesterday and today we had pizza without Vincent.  The food was pretty simple but, it made time for us to talk quietly together.

May be, it should happen more often as time goes by, I think.  I like boating and fishing a lot.  But, for various reasons, these activities remain a remote dream for me, especially with closed ones.  Hopefully, I can still make up some lost time with ???

Tomorrow, I have to head back to Oak Ridge, TN and start working though Rena’s elbow still requires attention.  Hopefully, she can manage herself.  I will head back to Washington DC four days later to be with Rena again during next weekend.  I will keep coming back until her elbow heals.

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