Dave: the smartest guy in the world.

Dave, our good pal from grad school, came all the way from San Diego to visit us.  He was in town for a conference on Wed-Friday and spent a good part of the weekend with us.  Dave is not only the smartest guy I know (although I did see him struggle to figure out the tip on the dinner bill.  no matter.  he’s still the smartest guy ever.), but he’s also one of the funniest.  We dug up 20 year old jokes and laughed and laughed.

Dave went with us on our first date (this was wayyy before anyone had cell phones).  Our class at Caltech had a tradition of going out to cheap second-run movies on Thursday nights.  We had a friend who was trying to set Jeremy and me up, so he sent word around that on this one particular Thursday night, no one was to show up at the meeting place – in that way, Jeremy and I would head to the movie alone.  Everyone got the message – except Dave.  So he was there on our first date.

It was a beautful weekend for ice cream and a walk.

And a neighborly fire pit.

Complete with sparklers.

The next morning, Dave showed us his famous Grandma Devine’s pancake recipe.  Vince modified it by pouring it over a strip of bacon.

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