The Volvo, which we bought more than 10 years ago, now has more than 110K miles on it.  I had to get a special waiver because it no longer passes the emission testing.  Just this week, it sounds like a Harley because the muffler has somehow malfunctioned and the battery died.  It has lasted through 6 au pairs, 2 kids, 2 dogs and more than 10 years.

We are still driving the Volvo, but there will come the day when it is clear that we’ll have to buy a car and we won’t have that much time to decide what kind of car.  So this summer, we are trying out a bunch of cars.  Jeremy’s interested in the Prius.  There are three versions, the hybrid, the plug-in hybrid and the wagon Prius.  We just wanted to make sure getting Edda in/out would be easy and that her wheelchair would fit in the trunk.

Edda loved the plug-in version so much that she fell asleep in the back seat.

The wheelchair kind of fits.  You have to take off the headrest, but it’s not really going to be the primary Edda-mobile, so as long as it kind of fits, it’ll be OK.

One thought on “Prius”

  1. To conserve is great. Every one should do that.

    But, it has been proven that without human being around, earth has already experienced several cycles of "global warming and ice age."

    I will buy a Prius when their charging stations are almost every where.

    Gasoline car is convenient and can go any where these days without any restriction.

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