Capitol Hill reception.

UCS’s new president:

Jeremy’s work had a Hill reception last night to introduce their new president to “Washington” – a debut of sorts.  The organizer of the event asked if someone could take photos at this event and Jeremy, very cleverly, volunteered me.

Because Nat was still on vacation, I could only do this event if Jeremy took care of Edda so I attended this UCS event without Jeremy.  It had complicated logistics involving a camp pick-up and meeting on the street corner at Union Station and a heavy reliance on Google Maps.  I’m so impressed with Google Maps.  DC was grid-locked with traffic and Google Maps took me in some round-about way avoiding all the accidents and traffic tie ups and major freeways and put me at Union Station in less than an hour.

This is a classic photographic set-up – a set-up which I never find myself in. A dark room, no windows.  People milling around eating finger-food.  It’s pretty hard to make it look interesting in photographs since nothing really interesting is happening.   But I did what I could.

Here’s an important person:

And another important person:

Finally, a few more important people:

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