Celebrating July 4th

Rena and I decide to celebrating our July 4th holiday by visiting our farm.  Rena would like to harvest some matured trees there.  I have a kind of wait-and-see altitude.  Because with extra income of harvesting, it certainly will not help us on our bottom lines of taxing.

Btw, China is pretty bad as far as World Cup is concerned.  With so many people and so much resources, China can’t even produce a World Cup qualified team of dozens.  I believe they just got into once.

The real picture is with all this greed, corruption, fixing the game by players, coaches, organizers and gangs, etc.  I think they should fire every one involved right on the spot.  Strange enough, the government there can almost do everything that one can think of.  But, just can’t fix her foot ball problem.

Even more funny is that those teams get qualified, many of them are from under developed and developing world too.  There, government is in pretty bad shape too.  A huge excuse, may be, football genes are not in our blood 🙂

Oh, I remember one thing.  Once, my Dad questioned my poor score on math.  I, in turn, asked him about his math scores.  Guess what I got beat up pretty badly.  Luckily, it happened many years back.  Or, a child abuse case might be filed by those more modern folks.

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