Construction On Addition, U Street

This weekend, I arrived home Thursday night around mid-night.  Next morning, I woke up to find an excavation on the side of our garage.  On Saturday, foundation people put concrete form up for pouring concrete on Monday, right after scheduled city inspection.  Pictures 1-3 show the forming from front, side and back.  In the second picture, brown ply wood with metals on it is for loading bearing wall.  The middle wood structure with light color is just a pile strip concrete for floor additional support – no load bearing just preventing sagging and/or squeaking.  The blue line on the wall is the elevation of our additional floor.  Two tapping water lines, one for hot, one for cold, are on the wall as well as two drain lines.

While the workers working on the form, I leveled the 3-post structure with screen for vines (picture 4).  It is pretty leveled as shown, I think.  I used the car jack to jack it up temporarily while digging deeper holes for its posts. Spent all morning just doing that.  After, I cleared more blackberries bushes for Mom to plants her stuffs.

Mom is managing all these activities.  And after outside is done, she and I will work inside ourselves. Hopefully, it will get completed within two years, or may be three years, no rush.

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