Odds and ends.

Jeremy is in Iowa this week.  That’s where the corn is and he follows the corn crop around.  I never thought he would know so much about agriculture.  He tells me that it’s a bumper crop this year.  This is the text he sent me within hours of landing in Iowa – a candied bacon sundae (and his colleague, Josh, but really, the star is the the ice cream).


I’m starting to pull together all the information for fall classes in nursing school.  I’m starting clinicals this fall, so I needed to get a background check and drug screening done.  I’m not a felon!  Nor do I have any illicit drugs in my system!  I still need to get my TB test done.


Edda got sent home again for lice.  After she got home, I recieved the camp-wide email alert which said that lice has been found and to look after your children’s heads.  A little embarrassing.  She was generally happier than the photo below shows as we spent a good part of the afternoon treating and combing through her hair.

Now we are just going to comb her hair every morning before camp.  I bought a handful of lice combs so we can all comb together – a family activity. It is not unusual to find me, Vince, and Nat at 8 am combing through Edda’s hair while Edda laughs and laughs.  A friend called me and recommended the lice lady – a very nice person who comes to your house to delouse a head for $200.  We are not there yet.  But I’m not above calling the lice lady if we are at our wits end.

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