Our Farm

This July 4th long weekend, I am in town with Rena.  On July 4th, we decided to go to our farm and see our neighbors there.

One of our neighbors, while working in a local grocery store, he raises a lot chicken, ducks, etc.  We bought three dozens of eggs from him.  Besides, he would like to give us a frozen chicken of his own.  We decides to pay him.  Two large bags of frozen chickens, only $10.00 dollars total.

The other neighbor in front us is retired with his wife.  They have a log house which is pretty modern.  The other neighbor at back raises turkeys for big cooperations.  He just raises them for several days in between. I guess in the mid life of a turkey.  His turkey barn can’t be accessed by ordinary people.  They must be sanitized beforehand.

We seldom see them.  But, our neighbors love to hunt in our farm in the fall with our permission.  I looked at those trees, they can be harvested at any time.  Probably will do that while I am retired.

Happy July 4th.

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