The house is very quiet without Jeremy and Vince.  I think this is the first time that both of them are gone at the same time for days on end.  I have Edda, of course, and we spend lots of time together (mainly getting ready to eat, eating, getting ready for bed and sleeping together), but she’s pretty quiet and I’ve gotten used to the constant jabbering of the male half of the family even though I thought, in the beginning, I would never get used to a very talkative house. The first day they were gone was fantastic – a whole Sunday with nothing to do except to amuse myself which I did do and the hours passed in a slow, aimless way that I enjoyed so much in my early 20s. Now I just wish they were home.  I can’t even call them because they are some remote mountain somewhere.  I’ve been trying to keep busy:

I baked a blueberry/buttermilk cake and a few loaves of banana bread.

Explored the pre-owned bookstore in town.  Never been before.  Bought a book about Rwanda which I’m 90% sure I will never read.

I added a dog to the mix.  Boba is here for the week.  His blindness had progressed since the last time I babysat Boba, the milkiness in his eyes is from his degenerative eye disease.  I think he’s fully blind now. He does look possessed.

I hand-repaired some of Edda’s bibs while watching a movie a night on Netflix.

I worked with Nat to help her pass her math placement exam at MC.  It’s fun digging up all the old math rules that I’ve forgotten.  I do wish could do all the problems without looking stuff up, but when you don’t practice everyday, the trig functions slip through your fingers.  And Nat is a quick study.  I show her once and she understands.  I can start with OK, you have a unit circle and this is 0, this is pi and this is pi/4 and she gets it.  Sometimes when you try to teach someone, you start with that sentence and you just get a blank stare and then you have to back up even more and then it becomes apparent that you are not going to get there from here within the 4 days that you have to study.

Boba’s mom lent me this wooden puzzle, do you see the pieces are amazingly shaped?  I like to imagine that I’m putting it together, but I don’t think I will actually even start to do this puzzle.

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