Bad Things Hard to Get Rid Off

Back in February, I was in my attic dealing with raccoon.  I got rid off them, but my left leg was hurt and showed up two days later, very difficult to move.  It took me about 6 months to recover.  Now, I still have some minor problems using my left leg.  6 weeks ago, I caught something and coughed a lot.   After two rounds of antibiotics medicine, I still have some minor cough.  Really, I think I am getting pretty senior and recovering very slowly.  At least, not the speed that I would like to have.

Surprisingly, at work, I don’t think I have slowed down a bit.  I still have the memory that I had while I was in my 50s, of course, not at 20s or 30s.  May be, I have done a lot similarly things and find easier ways to do it. May be, I am much more relax and know the tricks just to stay half step ahead of the critical path.  But, I lost my ability to track numerous things without notes.  Now, it is notes, notes everywhere.

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