Sleeping Edda.

We’ve moved Edda’s OT to Saturdays for the summer.  She’s usually too exhausted from camp to see Deb afterwards during the weekdays.  I don’t have a set time on Saturday, I just wait for cancellations and Deb’ll email me last minute.  Because Nat usually doesn’t work on the weekends, I get to hang out with Deb for an hour on Saturday while we encourage Edda to move blocks with her hands or play piano keys.  I love spending some time with Deb since I so rarely get to see her during the school year.  This Saturday, Edda was sound asleep when I pulled into the parking lot so the first 15 minutes of the session involved me and Deb chatting out in the middle of the parking lot and gently nudging Edda to wake up from her nap – hoping for cheerful Edda instead of grumpy Edda – you never know who you are going get when she wakes up.

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