Being grounded and fasting

Vince has been grounded for the past two days.  Labor Day night, he left the house on foot intending to see if any of his pals were home.  I reminded him to bring his cell phone with him and I gave him two instructions: 1. Text us to let us know where you are.  2. Come home at 6 for dinner.  Neither of these things happened which resulted me texting the whole neighborhood mom network and I still couldn’t find him.  Jeremy was about to get into the car to scan the neighborhood when he came home almost an hour late.

So he’s grounded for a few days.  It involves only one punishment, no screen time.  Without a little glowing screen, Vince is scrambling around trying to find something to do.  He talks to us more.  He marinates chicken and cooks us dinner.  He reads a book.  It’s nice.


Jeremy is doing an experiment.  He’s fasting for three consecutive days to throw his metabolic pathways into new, uncharted territory.  Jeremy’s been fasting once or twice a week (not in a row) for over a year now, it’s how he lost more than 40 pounds.  He did gain a few pounds over the summer and he’s always been interested in a longer fast, so this is the week to try it out.  I guess I shouldn’t be too freaked out about it, it’s not any more crazy than the 7 day juice cleanse that so many people like to do.  Today is Wed?  So he hasn’t eaten anything since Monday night.  He reports that the 2nd day isn’t so bad – he hardly notices.

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