Jeremy is at MIT today for business.  This is the tip of building 66, the ChemE building where I spent a summer working on drug delivery polymers.  It was the first and last time I did any sort of animal experimentation.  A little hydrogel disk loaded with caffeine was implanted into a bunny rabbit (which I think a professional bunny surgeon did because I certainly did not do it) and then I was responsible for taking periodic blood samples from their ears which seems not so bad as animal experiments go.  The interesting thing (from our lab’s standpoint) was the hydrogel – how it time released its loaded drugs into the blood.  But I didn’t know how to draw blood from a rabbit and it was excruciating to keep poking the poor rabbit who was squashed in a tiny bunny jail/restraint.  The summer ended and I do not know anything about what happened to the data or the bunnies or if any of it got published anywhere, I just wanted to leave the lab and not think about it too much.

Jeremy looked for hotels for his business trip, he could not find ANY in Cambridge for less than $500 a night.  It was more expensive than Boston.  We couldn’t figure out what was going on in town to cause such a need for hotel rooms.

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