Violin. Sunday night dinner.

I’ve not been good about taking photos everyday, so then the blog content suffers a little.  And we are so boring, sometimes it’s hard to figure out what to take pictures of.  Jeremy and I worked/studied all weekend.  I mowed the lawn.  We spent a long time trying to figure out why our garage doors were possessed and sometimes would open and sometimes would not open or the wrong door would open or both would close and then refuse to open again (hint: the LED lights we installed in the garage door motor thing-y which automatically turned on when the doors opened were interfering with the remote.  This took a LONG time and some googling to figure out.  But it was mostly not very photogenic.  Oh and Jeremy had to go out and buy incandescent light bulbs to go all retro on energy savings.  The horror!)  Vince played a lot of video games.  Edda watched a lot of Ponyo.  That’s almost as boring as taking pictures of a networking event.

So I snapped some photos of Vince walking to violin lessons.  Which resulted in:

So Vince didn’t want to be the subject of any photos, so I took some photos of Inky, the dog who plays violin.  How’s it going Inky?  Maybe someday I’ll get a nicer shot of you.


We hosted Sunday night dinner.  Right back at you Sarah.

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