China Just Overtook the USA as the World’s Largest Economy

This is based on just one measurement – PPP (Purchasing Power Parity) among many others.  But, nevertheless, it is a great achievement that I, as a Chinese-American, am very proud of.  However, I still believe it will take a long time for the average Chinese to have our average living standards today.

This achievement, I believe, is the result of collective efforts by every Chinese worldwide and hard working always pays off, eventually.

I still remember my childhood days in China that I didn’t have enough to eat, went to school with barefoot as well as with wet clothes on (just one and no dryer, of course), etc.  I am sure that I wasn’t alone at that time because Rena experienced the same things as I did.  I am also sure that, even today in China, there are a lot extremely poor people.  But, their number should shrink rapidly.  That is very good news too.

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