Flu shot.

Jeremy is out of town for the week.  Dropped him off at the BWI shuttle bus at 6 am today.  He’s not usually gone for the weekend, but he wanted to see some friends in SF, so it makes it an extra-long trip.

Vince is dressing like a lao gong these days – oversized white undershirt and ill-fitting slippers.  Now he only needs an upside-down bucket to sit on while he reads the newspaper and grumbles about politics.

Took the kids to the flu shot clinic at our pediatrician’s this morning.  Get your flu shot!  That’s right, you!  Don’t turn around and think that I pointed to the person behind you.

Vince introduced Edda to another flu shot clinic client.  Her mom recommended that we try out Special Olympics bowling (which is where they were headed to after the flu shot).  I’m loathe to sign the kids up for anything new because I don’t like to drive them anywhere on the weekends (because I’m lazy that way), so I kind of hemmed and hawed and mentioned that Edda can’t really use her hands.  She said brightly that they use these bowling ball ramps and they have volunteers to coax the kids to do amazing things.   I don’t doubt that.  I’m sure Edda would bowl if I took her bowling. Her daughter, the girl in the yellow shirt, is on the competitive bowling team and is hoping to go to regionals next week and then maybe states later on.

Vince actually watched the needle go in.  I can’t do that if I’m getting the shot myself.

Dora says corn = eating smart.

Vince pumps his first tank of gas.

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