We hosted Sunday night dinner.  We did it the simple way and ordered four large pizzas – cheese, pepperoni, meat lovers and verde.  As the boxes emptied, I gathered them up and headed to the garage to throw them away in the recycling bin.  As soon as I opened the door between the house and the garage, Vince and Bryson rushed up and grabbed the boxes from my hands and told me that they’d be happy to take care of the recycling for me.  I squinted my eyes and asked them what sort of naughtiness they were up to.  They sheepishly admitted that they were using a power drill to impale screws into a plastic dinosaur.  I looked at the dinosaur and reminded them that they really should put on safety glasses.  A couple of safety glasses were promptly found and I left them to their power tool happiness.

Oh the poor dinosaur.

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