U Street Addition Update

Donald just asked how is Mom’s addition going on.  Look, this is the new north front wall with one of the bathroom window.  The new electrical meter will be placed to the right of window on this wall.
Mom hope the addition can be winterized soon with roofing, siding, electrical meter, windows and doors ready so she can take off to the east coast for Winter.
Due to my travel policy change, I will visit U Street every 4 weeks during the Winter time.  I need to store some water for toilet only and be ready to put on a lot of blankets.  For two-day short visit during the weekend, no shower, no heating to the whole house.  Just stay one night to make sure everything is okay and leave.

2 thoughts on “U Street Addition Update”

  1. The guy, who works on our framing and siding (not the contractor), is a very decent person – hard working and pleasant.

    Mom is nice too. She have already handed out three red envelops to him and probably those are not the last, based on our conversation.

    But, I am kind of agreeing with her – respecting those persons who work hard.

  2. I probably will put some stones on the surface of those concrete at the bottom. It looks nicer that way. Always, to learn stone work probably is interesting too.

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