Mom has been coming here for dinner the past few days.  She’s trapped in her house because she really can not drive with her bum shoulder.  I’m glad that when I’m as old as my mother and have the same broken shoulder, there will be a car that exists that drives itself (with me in it).

A few days ago, Jeremy bought an amount of kimchi that was larger than the volume of his head.  I do not like kimchi, but Jeremy and Vince are big fans.  I wonder how long it will take them to finish off the whole bucket.

Vince also loves my mom’s shrimp and last night we found out why.  It’s because she puts an entire bottle of ketchup into the dish.

One thought on “Dinner.”

  1. OMG, Jeremy is now officially Korean 🙂 haha Tell Jeremy to try grilling some kimchi with pork if he ever grills pork chops 🙂 Yummy stuff.

    same idea as sauerkraut with sausages.

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