Home. Hassles.

Jeremy’s home.  Good food is back in the house.

Edda’s wheelchair is broken.  The left brake doesn’t work which means it can’t go on the bus.  In order to get this brake fixed, we are entering the dark hole of health insurance reimbursement.  There is a single weirdly shaped plastic washer that is missing from the mechanism.  If it existed and was available at Home Depot, it’d cost 35 cents.  But since it’s a custom washer, I’m sure it’s $30 + $450 for the visit/repair.  I think it might take us more than six weeks to get it fixed.  I was wondering if we’d have to drive and pick up Edda from school everyday for six weeks.  Luckily, I had forgotten we’d given Edda’s school her old stroller to use, so they sent us back her old little one (the one we got when she was 3!) and she squishes into that one to go back and forth on the bus now which is better than nothing.

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  1. I don't know the details. But, I suspect it results from too many lawyers involved and too many unnecessary regulations 🙂

    At the place I work (TN), practical everyone thinks alike – too much government and too little common sense 🙂 I agree!

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