Closing out the old year. Ringing in the new.

Although the kids are still out of school for the rest of the week, we are settling back into our old routines which means that I’m able to hit my priority #1 – getting enough sleep (once I’m able to do this, everything else follows so much more smoothly).  I’m back at work – the quarter ends this biweek.  Jeremy’s office is closed, but he’s working a bit and he’s decided to paint Vince’s room.  He’s doing it by the book, all the steps, no shortcuts – washing the walls, taping and drop cloth-ing everything, patching up all the holes and priming.  He even got himself coveralls and a painters hat.  We’ll see how it goes!

Taylor Swift has abandoned Spotify and I must admit I couldn’t resist and I downloaded her whole album and I’m listening to it during work this week.  Ha ha.  Love it.

One thought on “Closing out the old year. Ringing in the new.”

  1. Good job.

    However, I don't know whether Doris & Jeremy have time to take care of the floor, especially the stairway and its landing on the second floor. If not, it will gradually develop into a rather big problem in the future.

    I think all it takes is to sand down a little bit on several rough spots using hands and then wax it.

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