Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday

Early this morning, while in Oakridge, TN, Rena and Donald both called and wished me a “Merry Christmas & Happy Birthday”. After finishing my apartment chores, in the afternoon hours, I flew back to Dulles, Washington DC.

Doris was already there at the airport to pick me up.  She then drove home and picked up Jeremy, two grand kids.  Her final stop was at our house to pick up Rena.

Afterward, we went to dinner together at a Japanese Steak House nearby.   The food was excellent and Vincent was pretty amazed to watch the cook cooking in front of him.  We had a good time together. Vincent even spoke a couple of Chinese sentences to the waitress and the cook.  His Chinese is pretty good.

Then, we went back to our house to taste my birthday cake and exchanged Christmas gifts.  Rena hand knitted one small blanket for Vincent and for Edda, a hand-knitted skirt.

Besides cake, Rena also gave me a $100.00 bill in a red envelop as a birthday gift to buy a dremel tool. And from Vincent and Doris, a big box of chocolates and a beef stick.  With it, there is a f__ting birthday card, generated those funny sounds from a high-tech chip inside.

Well, finally, wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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