Worked Inside and Around the House

I came back for Christmas to be with Rena.  My birthday dinner was very good.  The wonderful birthday card from Vincent was funny as well as creative.

In the meantime,  for safety, I kept working inside and around the house.  I installed two toilet safety frames, one in the master bedroom, the other in the first floor bath.  In there, an additional long vertical grab bar was also installed for the ease of setting down and getting up.

Several entrance doors were taped with glow-in-the-dark tape which consists of aluminum oxide grit materials.  It helps immensely when the light is just turned off and/or becomes unavailable.  After that, the glow will gradually fade away.  It works better for a couple of hours.  Indeed, I got up around 1:00 AM for two days to check.  And, it is indeed just that.

Outside the house, I taped up the entire wooden bridge in our backyard with anti-skid black tapes.  I also installed 7 vertical wooden posts for round fences to be installed later (next trip back in mid-January) to keep off deer.

Oh, btw, Mom’s three Mahjon widowed friends (77 or beyond) insisted to take Mom and me out for launch, yesterday. They never asked for the restaurant I preferred.  They simply picked a place worth the money. What could I say?  I guess they have been their household boss for a long, long time.  But, I did enjoy their invitation, food and their companionship – very, very different from all others.

looking forward for Mom to coming down to Nashville, TN for four days to celebrate our new year (2015) together next Wednesday (12/31),

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