I have many talents.  But I’m decidedly untalented in being a girl.  I’ve never really been interested my own hair, makeup or clothing.  I do love other typically girl-y things such as celebrity gossip and celebrity clothing but I haven’t really had the chance to keep up with all that recently. And I do like boys which is a typical girl thing.

But back to hair.  Nat’s on vacaction for a few days this week and next, so I’m doing the usual morning/afternoon childcare duties.  I’m not as good at it as my caregivers, but what the hell?  Let’s just go ahead and try it out.  I delved into the huge selection of hair styling how-to videos on youtube.  Ten thousand teenage girls trying to teach me how to french braid.

Day 1:  Attempt at hairband french braid:

Not so bad, a few flyaways and that weird loop over her ear.  The am bus driver even complimented me on my attempt…

Day 2:  My own design.  I think this looks more engineered than beautiful.  It’s attractive the same way a nondescript bridge is attractive – attractive because it’s functional and is holding the bridge up while I’m driving my family over it.

Ready for school!  Boo ya!

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