Dad was in town.  We went out for Greek food.  They set cheese on fire.

Vince’s finals are over.  He celebrated by making poached eggs.

Jeremy spent a lot of time this weekend trying to stop the infernal beeping of our verizon fios box.  When it gets cold, the closet gets cold, then the battery gets cold, then the battery stops working and then the verizon box beeps every 30 minutes.  He pried the speaker off the circuit board.  He warned me before doing it that he might destroy the circuit board and that verizon would charge us a lot of money to replace it and we’d be without Internet for a few days.

Vince at violin lesson.  I haven’t seen Kelly in many, many months.  Vince has been biking to lessons for a while now.

The awesome Linda giving the reluctant Vincent a haircut.

Jeremy and Edda at Sunday night dinner.  There was a dogfight (between the pugs) during the spaghetti course.

Donald.  Dessert: Cinnabons

Jane is 18!  Really.  She’s 18.

And this is why one should remember to print some photos every once in a while.  We went through a lot of 18 year old photos…  Lots of fun.

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