Small things

I – along with most of the country – have been obsessed with Serial. If you haven’t heard, its a NPR podcast based on a homicide case in Baltimore from 1999. It draws you in fast and never really lets up. Check it out if you haven’t already. There’s even a Reddit site dedicated to the podcast. Some people have done some quite amazing maps/animations cross-referencing the cell tower data vs call logs vs timelines.

Also pimping my current podcasting app of choice here: Overcast. iOS only tho.

Also, been trying to lose weight. Been decently successful tho I have not taken to extreme measures such as Jeremy. My tactic is quite simple – don’t eat meals unless you’re out with people. Snack sure, but full on meals just skip ’em.

2 thoughts on “Small things”

  1. We are in the era of weight loss obsession. Everyone try to lose weight.

    But, by observing the ancient paintings of beautiful lady world-wise. There are no skinny one at all. None.

    Too much fat is bad, a skinny look for me is also bad. It almost looks he or she is ready to drop at any moment.

    The best way to lose weight for me is working at yard, keep one busy and eat everything you like but in moderation. Why spend time on machines? Why not just spend time by doing something instead?

    This morning, I saw a couple using all these re-cycled bags [not required by law here in TN] which was very environmentally friendly indeed. But the problem was that their groceries probably will last at least 3 months for me. Not only that, most of their items were with can, wrapper, and heavy packaging. To add up, it will kill the earth at the rate far exceeding mine. But, probably, they can show off they are environmentalist.

    Any way, to me, global warming is a natural phenomena. Little do to with human activities – a fart from moose will pollute the earth many times more than I drive around.

    To get government involved is even worse. it just creates a lot of noises, un-necessary laws, and fatten the fat cats in Washington DC. While working on global warming issues, bureaucrats use up more resources and energy than anyone else -taking vacations far and beyond to create more carbon footprint.

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