I’m blue for no reason.  Sometimes I fight the blueness and try really hard to lift myself out of the blueness, but tonight I’m just going to wallow in it for a little while.  Don’t worry, if it goes on too long, I’ll know to do something about it.


Maybe I’m blue because I’m going to so much group therapy.  I’m not really choosing to go to group therapy, it’s part of my clinical rotation.  I don’t say anything in group therapy, but I listen to hours of people talking about their very serious issues.  And, although everyone’s exact circumstances is different, I’ve come to the conclusion that we all struggle with the same things:  how to respond to loss, how to react to disappointment, how to deal with anger, how to not feel hopeless, how to not feel lonely, how to accept love and how to do self-care.  I think some people are really good at this and don’t dwell and go through life resilient and fine.  Other people have a harder time and stumble here and there and some just have a lifetime of intense struggle with it all.

Or maybe I’m blue because I’m a little tired and hungry and that it’s still cold outside.


I take pictures of where I park in a garage so I don’t forget where the car is.

The parking in the employee lot at NIH a mess.  They parallel park a row of cars in front of other cars.  They never block my car in beacuse now I know which side they put the row of cars, but what happens if your car is trapped on the inside row?  Do they do a complicated valet parking dance?

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